Skin cares in man

Skin cares for today man

Greaser and thicker than that of women, masculine skin needs adapted cares, too often neglected by these gentlemen. Face cares destined to men are numerous today and it has not to hesitate to use them! Zoom on the right habits to adopt...

Skin cares: masculine skin features

Skin cares
Skin cares
Male hormones confer various specificities to man skin. In fact, that last is thicker and richer in collagen fibre than feminine skin; so it benefits from a solidness and superior elasticity. Moreover, it keeps more than better water in inferior coats of epidermis and remains like that more hydrated. Besides, masculine skin is less subject to wrinkles; those last appears later in men than in women but nevertheless remain more accentuated once installed!

The aspect less happy of masculine skin resides in its tendency to be greaser. In fact, male hormones, besides stimulating hairs grow, provokes sebum secretion, which results in open pores, blackheads (in particular on the nose) and buttons.

Knowing his skin type, it is easy to find adapted products. Their success resides then in the use that one does… Regularity and attention are in fact indispensable to their success!

Skin cares in man: daily hygiene…

Skin cares in man
Skin cares in man
During day, skin, and particularly that of the face- accumulates impurities due to pollution, to perspiration and to sebum secretion. Numerous are products destined to masculine skin cleaning. So not need anymore to borrow in secret Madam products, and no excuses anymore to not dedicate daily a few minutes to the maintenance of your skin.

Normal skin men are privileged, sure, but they do not have to neglect it for all that. It is necessary to clean and to hydrate skin every day, just only to relieve aggression that it suffers when the shaving. In fact, the repeated passage of blade on skin leads to a destruction of its hydrolipidic film. Besides, a weekly exfoliant care will not be an extra; a skin however it is "normal” it is not saved for all that by ugly impurities which lodge in pores!

Hydrating cream will be doubly necessary for a dry skin. Do not hesitate, even, to use a night cream. Your wife will be charmed to see you wait on your face hand and foot! Do not forget to clean your face in the morning and in the night, avoiding using your shower gel, which would risk irritating your skin. Use of milk, applied with the help of cotton, constitutes an excellent alternative for the twice-daily cleaning of face.

Sensible skin has do be treated with the biggest care; it has to exclude any produce which would risk aggressing it. It turns red and irritates easily, in particular in case of stress, of cold and dry weather and during shaving. Once again, use of milk remains an excellent solution for cleaning, concerning hydrating cream, it has to be without alcohol and preservative-free and without perfume.

Finally, grease skin does not have in any case suffer a daily stripping with soap and facecloth in order to quit sebum excess before going to work! Softness is primordial, whatever your skin type. After having cleaned delicately your face, dermatological bar of soap is not indicated anymore in this case- apply a cream without oil, which makes matt complexion whereas it controls shine.

Skin care in man: beard folliculitis

Man skin cares
Man skin cares
Beard folliculitis occurs when skin badly suffers shaving. It manifests by buttons: in a new grow, hair irritates and provokes an inflammation, that it will makes its new grow difficult. So it is advised to not shave too near and to prefer electrical shaving, which is less irritating than hand shaving.

Use of soft exfoliant creams at basis of fruits acids (AHA) will facilitate the new grow of hair without it becomes incarnate and so will contribute to correct the problem. In case of buttons, better is worth to cease the shaving until situation improves. Apply certain antiseptic or anti-inflammatory will favour disappearance of buttons but will not prevent from reappear. A treatment by oral way may be then necessary. Laser depilation remains another efficient solution, because it resolves the problem definitively!

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Written by Florence GUILLAUME, January 6th 2011.
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