Different non-aggressive techniques of hair removal

Non-aggressive hair removal, three processes of durable hair removal and without danger for epidermis

We are more and more numerous to turn us towards hair removal methods said non-aggressive for epidermis but equally towards permanent hair removal methods. By their regular repetition, classic hair removal techniques, razor, wax, depilatory cream, electrical epilator become aggressive for skin and makes hair each time more difficult to quit. Zoom on three durable hair removal processes and without danger for epidermis: laser, throbbed light and electrolysis…

Laser depilation said definitive hair removal

laser depilation, definitive hair removal
laser depilation, definitive hair removal
Conceived almost twenty years ago, laser depilation said definitive hair removal is the most known and the most practised of the three non-aggressive hair removal methods. Laser emits an invisible light beam which crosses skin without aggressing it and then is absorbed by hairs whose it alters melanin (pigment responsible of their new grow). This method is particularly efficient on black hairs, but it has no utility for blond or red hairs, those could not absorb light produced by laser. Equally, this one is counter-indicated for women with matt or black skin.

Laser depilation being a medical act, it can only be realized by a doctor (know that beauty institute have absolutely no right to practise it), the more often by a dermatologist. Concerning pain, it has to know that a laser depilation appropriately realized does not hurt. We only feel a stinging sensation more or less intense. Anyway, your dermatologist must prescribe you a local anaesthetic cream (Elma), to apply one hour before the session. Be careful, certain dermatologists affirm to their patients that anaesthetic cream is inefficient, that is totally false! So, insist in order that he prescribes it to you or better, change practitioner.

The number of necessary session depends on hairs nature and on zone to treat, but foresee in average five sessions for legs and sex, and between five and ten for armpits and face. An extension of time of two to three months must be respected between each session. You shall then make a yearly session of maintain. Finally, concerning tariffs, they are very variable but count on 50 to 100 euro the session for small surfaces and from 100 to 150 for big. A piece of advice: go round of all local laserist dermatologists before to decide you, tariffs differences are sometimes consequent!

Pulsed light hair removal

pulsed light hair removal
pulsed light hair removal
Realized with the help of a flash lamp which emits light under pulsations form, this hair removal method is very comparable to laser, as that last, it alters melanin and so reveals very efficient on black hairs, not at all on clear hairs and is not recommended for matt and dark skins. The level of felt pain is very low, the number and the cost of sessions variable. But contrary to laser, hair removal at pulsed light may be practised in a beauty institute.

Nevertheless, the choice of a dermatologist remains advised. Note there again that, you must be prescribed an anaesthetic cream and that during the session, your practitioner and you must wear protective glasses. A last point: we have found for a few time in the commerce flash lamps permitting realize at home its hair removal at pulsed light.... We do not recommend it! Better is worth to address to a professional.

Electrolysis hair removal

electrolysis hair removal
electrolysis hair removal
Also called electrical hair removal, electrolysis is the unique definitive hair removal method efficient on blond and red hairs as well as in dark skins. It practises with the help of filaments covered by a feeble continuous current which, applied on hairs, provoke a chemical reaction bringing about roots destruction.

There again, we advise you a dermatologist and the employment of an anaesthetic cream, all the more reason that electrolysis can result a little more painful than laser and flash lamp. But the price of a session is weakly less elevated than the two other methods.

Counter-indications of hair removal

counter-indications to hair removal
counter-indications to hair removal
Laser session hair removal, pulsed light, as well as electrolysis hair removal sessions are forbidden to pregnant women, to people affecting from a cutaneous illness and to patients in course of radio-therapy and chemotherapy.

In a general manner, if you follow a medicinal treatment, do not forget to indicate it to your dermatologist before you will be prescribed hair removal sessions.

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Written by Florence GUILLAUME, January 3rd 2011.
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