Advice to make a good erotic massage to your man

When erotic massage becomes your libido stimulator

Ladies, suggesting an erotic massage to your partner, you will satisfy him and above all you will stimulate his libido! Atmosphere, base techniques, imagination and sensuality will belong to your program, in order to make of that moment a pure delight for senses of your dear partner. Here there are a few suggestions of massages, without forgetting, of course that the most important remains tenderness and passion that you will make in them ...

Create an atmosphere to make your massage even more agreeable

erotic massage
erotic massage
If an erotic massage permits to relax body and mind, it is nevertheless indispensable that, previously, the two partners are relatively relaxed. The atmosphere constitutes the second factor indispensable to your erotic massage success. Before beginning an erotic massage, ensure you that nothing will come to disrupt you - neither children, nor phone.

Choose a warm room, in which you and your partner can extend and create a « sensual atmosphere », with a calming lighting and soft music. Candles and incense will accentuate romantic and aphrodisiacal effect. Room temperature has to be adequate you will not be neither under blankets nor worn or very little! Do not forget to foresee massage oil, in order to increase your partner sensations and to permit to your hands to glide easily. If you wish to massage his genital organs, provide you an oil which can enter in contact with mucous membranes and which are not irritating.

Be attentive to diverse reactions of your partner (sounds, movements, etc) in order to adapt your massage according to his preferences. His breathing will be another indicator of his state and will say a lot on his sensations. “Clothing" side, pull a nice G-string, do not put anything on top, you will need your breast to spice your massage…

Different techniques of erotic massage

erotic massage
erotic massage
Light touch is generally used at the beginning and at the end of massage and has a calming action. Simply it has to place your hands on your partner -tense and tightened fingers- and to touch lightly his skin when you exert a weak pressure.

Mixing remains the most dynamical method. Above all used to massage buttocks and hips, this technique consists in raise the flesh with one hand then to make a twisting movement with the other. To realize this gesture, lean heavily on your two thumbs.

Percussion consists in tap a part your partner body with your hands. Percussion can take different forms: tapping (with fingers tips), hachure (hands are then in a vertical position) or clapping (here the fists are closed). This technique is ideal for back, hips and thighs.

The tiger mouth technique – that we nickname like that for the reason of position in V obtained when we separate forefinger and thumb- is above all destined to legs and torso. This method permits to climb back up along the muscles when you exert a very agreeable pressure. It is particularly relaxing.

At last, kneading technique consists in taking muscular mass from the zone to massage then to tighten it between your fingers. So alone fingers tips and thumbs are in action. This method is ideal to massage fleshy zones and to activate bloody circulation.

A few advice to massage different body parts...

erotic massage
erotic massage
Filled of muscles and nerves constantly solicited, back merits that one takes on generously. Begin to touch lightly your partner back with fingers tip, then, scrape it a few moments with your fingernails, softly then massage shoulders when you descend until elbows. Pursue while you put on all fours over him, in order to touch him lightly with your breast, descending until buttocks level. If you have not applied massage oil, you can caress his back, his buttocks and his earlobes with your tongue and your lips. Then knead his buttocks sensually – under condition he is not ticklish.

When you massage your partner legs, begin by calves when you make sweeping movements, one hand after other, towards the top. Remark that massage oil is strongly recommended for this part, in order to not pull his hairs. When you massage his thighs, make rather a light touch and do not hesitate, to conclude this step, to use your lips (when you stay on thighs of course, because massage is not terminated yet).

Do not neglect feet, while you massage, you will satisfy your partner. There are above all your thumbs which will work while they exert pressure on the whole sole of the foot. You can equally use your tongue and your lips to caress his toes - under the condition he is not ticklish. For the rest, at you to decide…

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man erotic massage
man erotic massage
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