Liposuction and lipolysis, two techniques to make disappear cellulite

Against cellulite, discover liposuction and lipolysis

Cellulite, paddings, orange skin... all those words represent a veritable nightmare to lots of women, above all when beautiful days are approaching! In order to make disappear those unattractive zones, different techniques exist, in particular liposuction and lipolysis. Zoom on
those anti-cellulite interventions which have more and more successes…

Different types of cellulite

Liposuction, lipolysis and cellulite
Liposuction, lipolysis and cellulite
Cellulite affects above all women. In fact, in woman, the fat tissue represents 20 to 30 % of the weight, against only 10 to 15% in man. It exists three types of cellulite. It is essential to know which concerns you before choosing a treatment. From genetic origin, fibroid cellulitis is particularly embossed, strong at touching and weakly purplish-blue. Dense and very localized, it causes vive pains when one pinches it. Fibroid cellulite is not necessarily due to a gain of weight, and find even, generally in women rather thin. It is located above all at thighs and knees level. It has to know it is more difficult to move out, because it has been installed for a long time.

Aqueous cellulite (or infiltrated cellulite) is due to venous and lymphatic circulation problems as well as a way of life too much sedentary. Skin remains supple at touching and presents an effect orange skin weak enough. Generally, zones reached are arms, thighs, calves and ankles. Aqueous cellulite is very often accompanied by sensations of heavy legs and often affects thin figure women.

Adipose cellulite mainly affects young women having taken weight. It is caused by an alimentation too much rich in fats and in lipids as well as by a lack of physical activity. So it has no link with circulation. That form of cellulite is not painful and presents an aspect soft at touching. Zones where we find the more often adipose cellulite are belly, hips, riding breeches and thighs.

Liposuction (or lipoaspiration)

Liposuction, lipolysis and cellulite
Liposuction, lipolysis and cellulite
Liposuction consists in aspirate fatty mass which are remained in place despite the physical exercise and multiple diets. Two conditions are essential to the success of this intervention: cellulite must be localized and the person must have a skin tonic and elastic enough in order to be able to retake its form after operation.

The process is the following: after having practised small incisions, the surgeon introduces a cannula under the skin and aspirates fat. According to the quantity of fat to retire and the zone to treat, the intervention will be made under general or local anaesthesia or under epidural. It lasts between one and three hours and needs, at the final, a few stitches which will be quit one week later.

It has to know that the treatment by liposuction is definitive. In fact, cellulite quit will not come back at that place. Targeted zones are hips, riding breeches, thighs, belly, knees and in certain cases, calves, ankles and arms.


Liposuction, lipolysis and cellulite
Liposuction, lipolysis and cellulite
It exists different types of lipolysis. Lipolysis by injection remains the practice more currently used. One injects, directly in fatty tissues, phosphatidylcholine and deoxycholate which attack to adipocytes (adipose cells). Fat is so dissolved and evacuated. That treatment is directed to women and men who have fatty masses localized and who wish to refine their figure. Targeted zones are face (more particularly the chin, cheeks and low cheekbones), waist, hips, belly, thighs, riding breeches, back lines and arms. The treatment includes three to five injections, spaced out by eight weeks each one.

Lipolysis by laser consists in inserting a thin sonde under the skin. This sonde emits then a laser radiation, which, in only one session, will permit to reduce fatty overload. Again once, this technique is directed to women and men having cellulite localized, in particular at low cheekbones and chin and back and small belly and hips and knees and calves, ankles level.
Lipolysis by low frequency ultrasounds (or ultrasonolipolysis) can be used alone or as complementary treatment. It attacks to blocked fats which congest tissues while it weakens the membrane of adipocytes. While it diminished the volume of profound and superficial depth, ultrasounds permit a detoxication of tissues, an improving of blood and lymphatic circulation and a better exchange at cellular level. The process is simple enough: after having recovered of gel contact zones to treat, one applies to it ultrasonic transducers. Five to fifteen sessions are necessary and must be spaced out from eight hours to five days, neither more nor less.

If you have in mind to suffer an intervention to quit your fat surplus, above all, choose a certified and competent surgeon

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Written by Florence GUILLAUME, January 4th 2011.
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