Ginseng virtues

Ginseng & its virtues : ginseng a medicinal plant

Ginseng mysteries. Ginseng is for Asian a medicinal plant. Chinese has granted to ginseng, for thousands years, miraculous virtues. Ginseng is a herbaceous plant, which grows in Asia forests. Ginseng and its virtues intrigue us, take stock to know exactly what it is about ginseng…

Ginseng origin

Ginseng, the plant
Ginseng, the plant
Ginseng is a hardy herbaceous plant provided by a big root, from araliaceas family, which grow in rich Asia forests. Ginseng is white-coloured when harvesting, then ginseng become brown-reddish when it is smoked or conserved in alcohol. Its taste is close to bitter liquorice.
Ginseng enters in French pharmacopeia in the XIX century. Ginseng is now cultivated in Canada, in the United States, in Japan, in China but it is above all in Korea and in Manchuria that it develops itself in an optimal manner.

Active ginseng principles

Ginseng roots contain above all heteroside, all perfectly known on chemical and pharmacological plan. They contain numerous amino acids, mineral elements, vitamins, enzymes and other diverse constituents not negligible: oestrogens, phylosterols etc…

Ginseng and its incredible virtues

Cognitive functions: Improving intellectual health in its entirety, the plant has an action on cerebral activity. It acts like that on memorization, on dexterity as well as on concentration capacities, of reaction and of resistance to tiredness. Ginseng would help to improve cognitive results, as proves a study leaded on subjects aged from 22 to 80 years having received a ginseng supplementation of 200 mg during twelve weeks. The plant would have improved their coordination and would have reduced recuperation time after effort.

Ginseng increases libido

Ginseng would have an action on libido falls. Excellent results were obtained in impotence treatment: the plant would act on erectile functions and would increase sexual desire rebalancing hormones production. Besides, in Asia, we are not astonished to see old men leading a very active love life.

Ginseng, an anti-ageing

Ginseng increases libido
Ginseng increases libido
Ginseng, this plant would have an action anti-drying. Rich in amino acids, in vitamins and in mineral salts, ginseng would permit to attenuate wrinkles and fight again ageing in general. By its stimulating and revitalising and adaptogen effects, ginseng seems to be very interesting for old person. Very widely used in clinics and in retirement homes, it is reputed for its capacity to improve mood as well as mental and psychophysical coordination. It regulates equally blood pressure and glycaemia. Ginseng has stimulating effects on libido.

Ginseng, an anti-tiredness – Reinforcement of immune defences

Ginseng is used to fight against asthenia which is a tiredness state without apparent reason. It increases energy and improves physical capacities. Studies proved that this plant would improve the use of oxygen by muscles and would diminished lactic acid production (a metabolic waste produces when a muscular work), which favours cramp appearance. It brings equally a better quality of life sensation.

Ginseng would reinforce immune defences, above all at the epidemics moment, and would permit to improve vaccine action against flu. Comparative studies proved that people having taken ginseng before being vaccinated against that virus had less risk to be contaminated than these who had not been vaccinated. Researchers have equally proved that the antibody number in people vaccinated and ginger consumer was more elevated.

Anti-stress: Ginseng is an «adaptogen » : it helps to fight psychological and physiological stress effects

Hair anti-fall: Ginseng would act on diverse deficiency states and in particular in hair fall. Genital infections. Ginseng would be able to fight against infections of vaginitis or vulvitis type.

Thyroid: Ginseng owns sedative properties on nervous system, which is in narrow relation with functioning of thyroid gland. It would calm anxiety linked to thyroid problems.

Does ginseng prolong life?

In animal, studies are revealed encouraging, but it is still impossible in the real state of researches to confirm statements of ancient Chinese masters who have never pretended that ginseng was an immortality elixir but who rather say that this root could grant a few supplementary years to people who used it regularly.

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Written by Florence GUILLAUME, January 4th 2011.
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