Live better the first troubles of menopause

Hot flushes, sleep troubles, irregular periods, live the first troubles of menopause is not always easy in the majority of women. In fact, menopause never occurs suddenly but is preceded by an announcing time accompanied by hormonal troubles difficulty controllable. It is above all during this time that women have difficulties to surmount changes and diverse troubles.

What are the first signs of menopause?

Menopause never occurs in a brutal manner but is always preceded by signs during a long time enough. Called perimenopause, the time which precedes menopause is marked by symptoms which are often unsupportable in women. This period occurs generally between 40 and 50 years according to the woman and is accompanied by diverse troubles. In fact, it is above all during perimenopause that hormonal imbalances become unsupportable. That way, those hormonal troubles provokes disagreements which are clinical signs of that step. Irregular or abundant periods, those are the first marking signs, hormonal imbalance and perimenopause.

The stop of periods is never abrupt but is preceded by announcing signs, whose irregularity of bleeding. The majority of women suffer equally hot flushes during this preliminary time. Those last are frequently accompanied by tire, insomnia and nocturnal sweats that it provokes mood and anxiety swings. In certain women, those hormonal troubles are marked by a gain a weight and fat accumulation around the belly. Besides, all those changes lead to stress and to psychological troubles in women.

Real menopause troubles

It is only after 2 to 5 years following the perimenopause that periods stop definitively and menopause really occurs. This time is equally subject to troubles which are lived better that previous. Hot flushes do not stop unfortunately at menopause but can continue until 5 years beyond the total stopping of periods. The low of hormonal secretion leads to low of libido and equally to intimate dryness that makes sexual relations very little painful. This hormonal deficiency is at the true origin of osteoporoses problems at that age. Besides urinary escape are often frequent during menopause and occur then sneezes and brutal efforts. The risk of cardiovascular illnesses is more elevated during that time but it may be limited thanks to adoption of a few attitudes in everyday life. All those troubles can be well-cured by treatments or even by a simple alimentation.

What is the treatment to adopt during menopause?

menopause treatments
menopause treatments
In order to permit to the body to welcome better menopause, treatments must begin from the perimenopause. Hormonal treatments are now the most used but it is equally possible to prevent and to relieve troubles thanks to alimentation. In fact, favourization of certain aliments and alimentary complements can help well to surmount perimenopause troubles. So, to attenuate hot flushes, vitamin E, soya isoflavones and bunch actaea can be well-efficient.

Mood troubles and anxiety can be relieved by the consumption of fish oils, of vitamin D and of vitamine B9. Soya isoflavones and St John’s wort are equally ideal in those cases. To fight against gain of weight, guarana and green tea are excellent remedies. Nevertheless, those alimentary complements are not sufficient but must be accompanied by medical treatments. In fact, it exists hormonal treatments destined to compensate for hormonal insufficiencies during menopause.

Concerning THS, those last aim to attenuate disagreements caused by deficiencies. Local treatments with the help of medicaments are equally a possibility but all those treatments need first a medical consultation. So, the body listening and adoption of balanced alimentation remains the best mean permitting to live better menopause. Even at that age, it has not always to let go and to gain weight, it has to supervise alimentation without as far as following draconian diets.

Moreover, physical activities have to contribute even during menopause because according to specialists, they remain now the best mean to fight health problems. Medical follow-ups in a gynaecologist are not to neglect even if troubles have attenuated. Living first troubles of menopause is certainly not easy, but with good attitudes, it is always possible to continue to live fully.

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Written by Florence GUILLAUME, January 4th 2011.
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