How to prevent stretchmarks during pregnancy ?

Stretchmarks, those unattractive strias which "tear" my skin

With additional kilos, heavy legs, nauseas... stretchmarks remain one of the biggest obsessions of pregnant women and because about 75% of future mothers will have them. Difficult, even impossible to turn out once installed, these ungracious stripes appears generally on belly, breast, buttocks, hips and legs that is to say to places more concerned by weight gain. As you offer cares adapted and regular to your skin, you can try to prevent stretchmarks apparition ...

What are stretchmarks?

stretchmarks and pregnancy
stretchmarks and pregnancy
First of all, it has to know that stretchmarks do not appear necessarily when pregnancy. Other factors, such as obesity, brutal weight variations, repeated, puberty of diabetes can be the cause. Our skin is constituted by three coats, those are epidermis, dermis and hypodermis. Stetchmarks are the result of skin rupture at dermis level. It is thanks to elastin and collagen that our skin is elastic, supple and resistant. Cortisol can be considered as the responsible of stretchmarks. In fact, this hormone influences collagen production and when its production increases, collagen, for its part, decreases. It is at that moment when skin gives way and slackens. At the beginning, these stripes are pink, red, mauve then they become nacreous white once cicatrized. Then less apparent, nevertheless they remain visible and, it has to be said, unattractive enough!

Solutions to prevent stretchmarks apparition

stretchmarks and pregnancy
stretchmarks and pregnancy
Massages, creams and regularity are master words to prevent stretchmarks. You can equally have your skin deep-cleansed in order to open your skin pores which will be then even more receptive to cream that you will apply to it.

Every day, massage yourself to places threaten by stretchmarks with the help of a cream, an oil or an anti-stretchmarks lotion. Whatever is at base of shea butter , of cacao butter, of jojoba oil, of sweet almond oil, of argan oil, of essential oils, etc, anti-stretchmarks creams do not lack on cosmetic markets!

Even if stretchmarks manifest generally between the sixth and the ninth pregnancy month, note that anti-stretchmarks cream has to begin very early in pregnant women, that is to say from the third month. Moreover it is recommended to pursue application various months after delivery.

How to make stretchmarks disappear?

stretchmarks and pregnancy
stretchmarks and pregnancy
Useless to dig the knife in for these who have already known but remember even that it is difficult enough, even impossible to make stretchmarks disappear… However, one can attenuate with the help of diverse means, more or less expensive.

First of all, it has to treat them before they become white, in other words before they cicatrize. As you apply a quality anti-stretchmarks cream twice a day, it is possible to reduce their size. Musky rose oil as well as argan oil result good choices. Certain women also apply self-tanning…

Equally it exists creams at base of vitamin A acid (on medical prescription), but you have to know that they are particularly irritant for skin and may present secondary effects as well as contra-indications. So it is applied only after delivery and breast-feeding period. Creams with medical prescription can be paid in part by Social Security.

Having recourse to laser, we will note effectively a skin improvement, but stretchmarks will not disappear totally. Various sessions are necessary to see results and price varies between 150 and 300 euro the session.

Dermabrasion is efficient immediately, but you have to know that stretchmarks might reappear later, at the end of a few months. Only one session is necessary; its price varies from 600 to 900 euro in function of the zone to treat.

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Written by Florence GUILLAUME, December 30th 2010.
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