Hidden spices virtues

Let’s discover hidden spices virtues

From always, species were searched for their gustative contribution and for their therapeutic virtues. At each affection, its spice…

Hidden spices virtues

Hidden spices virtues
Hidden spices virtues
Spices history began four thousand years before our era at the South-west of India and spices were at the origin of great adventurous quests. What interests us here, there are their curative properties.

Spices in a fine-tooth comb

Spices in a fine-tooth comb
Spices in a fine-tooth comb
Pepper against pain: Cayenne pepper contains capsaicin, a substance which would reduce pain. In the United States, we find creams formulated under this principle to relieve pains such as rheumatoid arthritis or arthrosis... In France, we find in Arkopharma an analgesic gel containing this same substance: Geldolor.

Curcuma against cancer: WHO recognizes curcuma efficiency to treat digestive troubles (stomach pains, appetite losses, burns). Curcumin, present in curcuma, offers a strong anti-oxidant potential.

Cinnamon to make lower glycaemia: Pakistani studies demonstrate that cinnamon could contribute to diabetes prevention and treatment. This tasty spice would reduce like that glycaemia increase, helping diabetics and prediabetics to tolerate better their meals.

Chili to digest well: Cayenne chilli improves digestion. It contains equally capsaicin which has the capacity to stimulate gastric secretions and to improve digestion. If you are allergic or if your intestine is irritable, avoid it consumption.

Saffron as anti-depressor: Two Iranian studies permitted to researchers to compare saffron effects to those of fluoxetine (Prozac molecule). Conclusion: the first results as efficient as the medicament. In traditional persian medicine, they usually cure depression with this spice. So, if you are not in good spirits, put saffron everywhere!

Ginger against nauseas: ginger results efficient against nauseas and vomits: gingerols, shogaols and zingerones contained in this substance would reduce stomach movements, which are at the origin of nauseas.

Clove against dental pains: it is the floral bud of clove tree originate from Indonesia. It owns disinfectant and analgesic properties. You have a toothache: chew a clove to calm pain while you wait for the visit at the dentist.

Clove contains eugenol: it is at the same time an anti-inflammatory, an antiseptic and a local anaesthestic. Fenugreek for its digestive properties: this spice is used in India, mainly in curry. Fenugreek seeds would stimulate appetite and digestive functions. A study made on rats indicates that there are fenugreek saponins which stimulate appetite. Be careful, it is not recommended to pregnant women because it provokes uterine contractions.

Badian or star anise: It is a seed dried of the fruit of badian originate from China. It owns a strong liquorice taste an green anise. Its virtues are digestive, diuretic and stimulating.

Cardamon: it is originate from Sri Lanka, its aroma is weakly camphorated and lemon-flavoured: it owns digestive virtues and refreshes breath.

Cumin: it is dried seed of cumin. It is originate from Mediterranean Basin. Its virtues are digestive and stimulating. Mustard: if seeds are white or black, mustard is originate from Mediterranean Basin. If seeks are brown, it is originate from India. Its virtues are diuretic and stimulating.

Nutmeg: it is the nutmeg tree fruit stone. It is originate from Indonesia but today, Grenada isles (Antilles) produce the third of world production. Its virtues are digestive and stimulating.

Paprika: It is a powder from pepper originate from South America, but cultivated mainly in Hungary. It owns digestive virtues

Vanilla: Vanilla pod is a pod dried from climbing orchid which it has to fertilize manually. It owns, out of its very flavoured and sugared aroma, digestive and stimulating virtues.

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Written by Corinne Duré, April 23rd 2010.
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