California submerged by giant squids

Climatic changes, marine currents inversion gives a new deal in ocean depths and new species should be born as others disappear, how much time will last the big blue which makes men dream.

Worrying phenomenon, giant squids have decided to migrate to find their food...

California submerged by giant squids

That has lasted for one week in California, squids horde takes possession of Californian coasts. The majority located at the open sea of Newport Beach, an American town which is located in the South of Los Angeles. Those squids also called squids of Humboldt are found generally in the waters of sea of Cortez in Mexico. Known for being aggressive and fearsome predators for fishes, they go back Pacific and that it is not without worrying biologists and fishermen which saw at the beginning an important source of raw material at the arrival of those squids in Californian waters. The reason for which, those predators change territory is due to, in a big part, to disappearance of their preys, that is to say tunas and sharks which are the biggest part of their food. Their size is sometimes surprising, measuring between 2 and 5 metres of length, knowing they owns on their tentacles about 2 000 suckers which are themselves equipped with a sort of dentition in chitin, a strong substance belonging of crustaceans shell.  



Those squids devouring everything on their passage can they be stopped before extinction of certain species?

California submerged by giant squids

This appearance of giant squids which would have been able to be a source of income for fishermen worries in fact because those predators devour all present fishes in the sector and put at risk biodiversity of Californian coasts. Scientists who follow at close range this migration are astonished of those squids adaptation facility. That would be in part the climatic warming up which would have predisposed those animals to migration but as quoted previously the lack of food more frequent in their natural environment, big depths. Their speed can reach 43 km/h and their weight for the biggest in about 90 kg. Fishermen have already picked up various hundreds and those « red devils » as they are nicknamed by fishermen are emptying fishes that remain in East Pacific. They would be various million to take root in South California, but territory would seem too much narrow, they would move yet and were signalized equally in Alaska and even in Chile. 



Fishes but maybe man would be able to be a prey for those aggressive sea predators.

California submerged by giant squids

This worrying revelation would be able to make think of the fish whose man feeds him too. Giant squids are fished and consumed more widely in Asia but this puncture on million counted will be able to make lower in the short term the massive disappearance which rages now in this part of the globe? Will the man be able to stop their progression or are they going to widely reproduce and to occupy progressively seas and to devour hakes, sardines and other fishes consumed by man. Consider a manner to do of those invaders a aliment for man will be maybe the unique solution to palliate to disappearance of species threatened by their presence. 



Consumed in Japan, squid floor reaches proteins rates going until 80 and would be able to reveal attractive for countries where malnutrition rages, but will we go until here, will they go out to return in depths where they are at usual; very few opportunities, if they have migrated, explicit reason, the lack of food would be without return, they lead a survival migration and do not surely make retrace their steps.  


Would their presence in surface be able to be a danger for swimmers, because they devour sperm whales and sharks, will man become a meal form? It has to wait for responses to all those questions, a near future would be able to see food and boating habits change in certain regions of the globe

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Written by Florence GUILLAUME, January 2nd 2011.
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