Happiness is in hormone

Happiness, a secretion of licit substances

And if happiness only is in secretion of licit substances by our endocrinal system? Small view on hormones world…

Happiness is in hormone

Happiness and hormone
Happiness and hormone
No, happiness is not only in mind! Euphoria, joy at living and other pleasures of existence come with a veritable hormonal cocktail, which, in real time, spices these noble feelings of a few touches of a basely organic determinism. In a few years researches in the field of molecular medicine permitted to discover main mechanisms which preside to this astonishing happiness symphony. Small philosophical treaty in form of endocrinal inventory.

Body messengers

Our body reacts to environment impressions, good or bad, appealing chemical messengers called neurotransmitters. Those compounds secreted by neurones are captures by other neurones which, according to the nature of perceived neurotransmitter, will elaborate a negative or positive response. More than fifty neuromediators act like that in brain, of which a small number presides to our well-being and our balance.

Serotonin or paradise key

Serotonin, happiness hormone
Serotonin, happiness hormone
Nicknamed « happiness hormone » by scientific community, serotonin play a preponderant part in well-being sensation. At elevated concentration, it provides an optimism and anxiety sensation while, rarefied, it takes to bad mood and depression. Pharmaceutical laboratories have understood well, which trough anti-depressors as famous as Prozac, reinforce its action, as LSD or ecstasy make.

How to favour naturally serotonin secretion?
« While you swing under the sun ! » : In fact, the solar radiance has a very positive influence on secretion of this hormone. Certain aliments also play a part on its production. It is in particularly the case of cereals, of fish, of cheese, of bananas and of course of chocolate!

Oxytocin or interactions hormone

Oxytocin, interactions hormone
Oxytocin, interactions hormone
Strong of those results, today certain researchers covet the possibility to treat autism through this substance. A staff of Lyon CNRS demonstrated like that oxytocin inhalation by nasal way improved of well-known manner social relationships between individuals affected by autism of high level of Asperger syndrome. A Swiss study published at the end of 2008 also revealed that this hormone intervened positively in communication of couples in difficulty.

How to favour naturally its secretion?
Making love. Oxytocin secretion is increased by vagina, breast, uterine cervix stimulation. However, it is inhibited by alcohol consumption.

Endorphins or happiness course

Endorphins, neurotransmitters
Endorphins, neurotransmitters
Why do sportsmen run? To be fit, of course, but not only! Endorphins are neurotransmitters liberated by brain in psychological distress situations and more generally during physical exercise. Here it is what constitutes a good reason to run when we know all the effects of those surprising hormones.

With their molecular structure close to opiates of morphine type, they turn sport into a veritable pleasure part. Sportive practice would permit to reduce exterior signs of minor or moderated depression and would have euphoriant, anxiolytic, analgesic and anti-tire virtues.

So have we to believe that sportsman who claims to be « addicted » to his footing? No: endorphins do not create identical dependence to this of morphine.

How to favour naturally their secretion?
When you practise regularly an endurance sport (running, cycling, notation, walk in snowshoes, skiing, aerobics…) on durations varying between thirty to forty-five minutes.

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Written by Florence GUILLAUME, December 30th 2010.
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