At the discovery of Boston, Massachusetts capital

Boston, Massachusetts capital

Boston, Massachusetts and New England capital, remains a town active and particularly intellectual, reputed, between others, for its strong concentration of students, its downtown, (the oldest of the United States), Faneuil Hall and Quincy Market, the place most animated of the metropolis. Neighbours of Boston, Cambridge and Salem attract equally numerous tourists each year. Here it is a few touristic attractions to not miss in the town of Boston...

A few famous touristic circuits of Boston

Boston, capital of Massachusetts
Boston, capital of Massachusetts
The Freedom Trail is a circuit permitting to discover the historic patrimony of Boston trough main monuments of the town. This way is materialized by a red line, painted on the pavements. This itinerary extends on a half-dozen of kilometres and includes 16 official sites.

The way begins by the Boston Common, the eldest park of the United States; which dates from the XVII century.
Then follow 15 other sites, whose government headquarters of Massachusetts – the Massachusetts State house- which, with its golden dome, constitutes one of the emblems of the town of Boston ; the Faneuil Hall, an edifice which served at time of market and meeting rooms, the Quincy market, one of the places most animated of the town (not less than 15 million people come yearly), or even the house of Paul Revere, which remains the most remote house of Boston (XVII century). The Freedom Trail terminates by the site of Bunker Hill battle.

The walk of Black Heritage Trail suggest a circuit in 14 steps: each one presenting a historic site of the XIX century and paying homage to african-american inheritance of the town of Boston. Visitors discover, among other things, the house of Lewis and Harriet Hayden and the school Abiel Smith – the first public school open to black children.

Emerald Nicklace is a series of 9 green spaces, linking between them numerous touristic sites of Boston. This area of 450 hectares constitutes very agreeable 11 kilometres walk, which you can do on foot or by bike.

A few districts of Boston to not miss…

Boston, capital of Massachusetts
Boston, capital of Massachusetts
North End is the Italian district of Boston. We find in it numerous wine bars, Italian restaurants and groceries. Copp's Hill Burying Ground, a cemetery dating from the XVII century, offers a spectacular view of Charlestown port. Old North Church (1723) is the eldest church of Boston. Salem Street, with its numerous bakeries, sweet shops and coffees, remains the ideal road for a small greedy break!

Beacon Hill is easily visible for the reason of the golden dome of Massachusetts State House which it accommodates. This residential district is characterized by its cottages, its paved streets and its brick houses. Located at the surrounding of Public Garden, a magnificent garden, this Bostonian district belongs to the smartest of the town. Among those diverse attractions, we find the Old State House, place where was read for the first time the Independence Declaration in Boston. We can also profit from a visit in the district to go and pace up and down Acorn Street, the narrowest street of the metropolis.

Charlestown is certainly the district which represents the best the past of Boston. Located at the other side of the port of Boston (Boston harbor), Charlestown was during a long time a working-class district, because of the naval building sites which welcomed it. Charlestown Navy Yard was one of the biggest American navel building sites. The powerful places of this district remain the museum dedicated to USS Constitution, the most remote ship of American navy and the Bunker Hill Monument, last step of Freedom Trail- whose summit offers an impregnable view of Boston.

At the surroundings of Boston

Boston, capital of Massachusetts
Boston, capital of Massachusetts
Cambridge is located just near the town of Boston, at the other border of Charles River. The town accommodates two of the most prestigious universities of the United States; the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Harvard. That last owns different museums, whose Museum of Natural History and the Fogg Museum of Art. We often give the nickname of “City of Squares” to the town, because it is organized around different places (squares) whose Harvard Square, Central Square and Porter Square.

Cape Cod, a 105 km of length peninsula, remains a magnificent holyday place, particularly prized by certain presidents and American personalities. Forests, cliffs, sand dunes and a few 300 km of coast constitute the striking landscape of Cape Cod. The town the most animated of the Peninsula is called Provincetown. The Cape Cod Museum of National History is to put on the list equally; it is located in the village of Brewster.

Isles of bay of Boston, which are at the number of 34, remain a choice destination to spend an agreeable day of in the fully air. The departures are made from Long Wharf, direction Spectacle Island and Georges Island. That last accommodates Fort Warren, a fort of the XIX century, which served as a jail during Secession War. Spectacle Island, Lovells Island, Bumpkin Islands and Peddocks Islands suggest equally diverse activities to visitors. Those isles are accessible by shuttle, at the departure of Spectacle Island and Georges Island.

At about thirty kilometres of Boston is located Salem, a town particularly reputed for witches trials which occurred in 1692. We can visit numerous restored houses of the XVIII century as well as the great Peabody Essex Museum.

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