Visit Kruger park, in South Africa

Bound for national Kruger park, in South Africa

Desiring to live a unique experiment, fly towards South Africa to discover African savanna animals. Kruger park is the destination you need! Very famous, this park, bigger than Belgium, remains a reference through the world. Famous "Big five" (buffalos, elephants, leopards, lions and rhinoceros) between others are mixed in a decoration to take the breath away! Let’s go towards national Kruger park, in South Africa!

Inhabitants of Kruger park

Visit Kruger park, in South Africa
Of international fame, Kruger park remains the biggest park of African continent. With is 20 000 km2 of surface (long 350 km, wide 60), this enormous area is located between Zimbabwe, Mozambique and Mpumalanga and Limpopo provinces.

Whereas you walk through paths of park, visitors have good reasons to be surrounded and above all marvelled! In fact, national Kruger park, there are 20.000 buffalos, 8.000 elephants, 5.000 giraffes, 1.800 rhinoceros, 1.500 monkeys, 500 leopards, 30.000 zebras, 140.000 impalas and many other animals (hyenas, cheetahs, hippopotamus, monkeys, antelopes, gnus, jackals…) without forgetting its 500 different birds species, its about one hundred of species and reptiles (in particular more than 5 000 crocodiles), its six ecosystems (not less than 1 982 plants species and 336 trees species), etc…

Activities suggested

Visit Kruger park, in South Africa
Day, night safaris, on foot, by horse, biking, in 4X4, by boat, wild picnics, walks on elephant back… Kruger park visitors have good reasons to escape, whereas they have the chance to discover African fauna and flora regrouped in this majestic site! Self drive is equally possible on certain marked out tracks, in tar and in ground, ideal to move at one's rhythm.

Archeological sites as Thulamela, Albasini or Masorini are accessible to tourists and threaten species protection programmes discovering is equally suggested. Elephant museum, in Letaba, is dedicated to elephants with longer tusks which have lived or are still living within national Kruger park.

Experimented professionals have pleasure to share their animals love and their knowledge with tourists.

Numerous camps exist within the park. From bungalow to luxurious lodge (private reserves), anyway, you will be installed in a comfortable manner (with shower, services, grocery, etc.) If English makes you uneasy, you can lodge at Mopaya Safari Lodge, the unique camp which suggests a Francophone supervision. This last one is located no far from Kruger park, in Blyde Olifant Conservancy.

Good to know…

Visit Kruger park, in South Africa
You have to know that to penetrate in Kruger park, your passport must be valid six months after your return date. To have information and advice concerning vaccines, precautions to take for your security inside the country… let’s go to the website, section “Advice for travellers”. Paludism and bilharzia are two illnesses which particularly rage in this country corner.

The best period to visit Kruger park is between April and September.

The site is open from 6 h to 18h and it is forbidden to circulate in the park outside those hours. For security reasons, it is forbidden, of course, to go out from your car.

Bring you camera is greatly advised!

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Written by Florence GUILLAUME, December 30th 2010.
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