Sexomnia, sexual somnambulism at risk!

Sexomnia, a sexual somnambulism phenomenon, the worrying somnambulist sexuality or having sex asleep

Sexomnia is a phenomenon of sexual somnambulism. Sexomnia is a kind of sexual somnambulism which has nothing of a perversion or an abnormality. Sexomnia is an affection provoked by a difficulty to manage or to surmount our stress and our unspoken fantasies...

Sexomnia, the disturbing somnambulist sexuality…

Sexomnia, sexual somnambulism at risk
Sexomnia, sexual somnambulism at risk
Unknown, sexomnia is a sleep trouble which manifest by a brutal rise of sexual desire. Unconscious, the taking action may reveal aphrodisiac or dramatic. People affected from sexomnia, start masturbating them or having the same physical reactions as sexual relation, erection, vaginal lubrication, desire rise… Very close from erotic dream, sexomnia is not to consider as a vice but well and truly as a handicap which in certain case can reveal dangerous for the patient and his circle. Sexomniac use as appeasing object the person who is located at his side, without asking him its opinion because he does not realize his acts at that precise moment. There is neither sharing nor exchange with partner who find himself in the delicate position of sexual object… Couple life is very often disrupted.

Sexomnia, sexual somnambulism that we have to prevent!

Sexomnia is an unknown pain, even taboo. It is a kind of sexual somnambulism which has nothing of a perversion or an abnormality but which is a true medical problem. It may have heavy repercussions. We would be able to describe sexomnia as a sexual somnambulism phenomenon. Affected people start masturbating them or having the same physical reactions as in a relation: erection, vaginal lubrication, desire rise… Small precision to ensure you: one is not born sexomniac, one becomes it. It is an affection provoked by certain particular circumstances, in particular by a difficulty to manage or to surmount our stress and our unspoken fantasies. So it is possible to get back the situation control: when one changes his work, takes a mistress or a lover... or follows a treatment!

Sexomnia, a still taboo pain

Sexomnia, sexual somnambulism
Sexomnia, sexual somnambulism
Being sexomniac is not easy every day. Sometimes associated by error to nymphomania or to erotomania, , this illness has no medical established origin but would result from stress, from a too lot alcohol consumption of from drugs. Sexomnia may also be the result from long frustrations. More than an individual problem, it might cause incomprehension in the partner, even a fear.

In fact, sexomniac person can use as appeasing object the person near him without realizing it! Sexomniac people can have various sexual relations in a night without feeling tiredness, that is, of course, very different for the partner… Couple life results disrupted. There is no sharing anymore and incomprehension may install. To avoid situation deteriorates, sexomnia requires a medical assistance in a sleep centre by a therapist.

One of neurologues at sleep centre of the Salpêtrière hospital in Paris, lights up: “sexomnia is a real illness identified about twenty years ago, which can lead a true psychological weakness in patients. It differs from somnambulism by a more brutal awaking and is made up of reduced motor activities. But as somnambulism, the patient uses an oneiric conscience form” he makes clear.

If you are sexomniac, do not consider either as a monster, you are only someone more erotised than the average, or more sensible: “Through subconscious reappear events badly lived of the day or personal inhibited problems”, explains the neurologue.

Sexomnia, sentimental obstacle?

Sexomnia, sexual somnambulism
Sexomnia, sexual somnambulism
For lots of sexomniacs, this psychosomatic problem is revealed with the passing sentimental failures more or less repeated. It is only at the cost of a targeted therapy that people affected succeed to depart from problem and above all to ensure their spouse. Stéphane, 24 years old and sexomniac, declares announcing it always previously to his partners, following to numerous ruptures due to that phenomenon, but also to end with celibacy. “After surprise, comes adaptation moment; even being followed medically, I warranty nothing then, if either an incident occurs during night... it passes or it breaks, he notes. It has to accept me as I am, I have avoided for a long time meetings because of that problem."

For women too, this trouble can result annoying: sure, partners can find first an « attraction » to make him awake during night by a asleep companion, but their can have fear following it. Being insatiable of repeated manner each night can have advantages, but for the partner, why more hurtful than to have the feeling to be used and to awake near an amnesic.

Certain women whose partner is sexomniac can badly live the situation, but do not dare necessarily appeal a specialist. Corinne, 39 years, confesses she cannot force his husband to follow a therapy. “He does not speak with me about his sexual life so he will not surely do it in front of a third. I suffer above all from the lack of tenderness when he acts sleeping. He speaks bluntly, SET to me violently… I have been until slap his face to awake him." A situation whose spouse have no one memory the day after : " He apologizes and says to me that he doe not remember anything, I cannot reproach it to him”, Corinne concludes.

Sexomnia, how to cure oneself?

If accesses of sexomnia are occasional, it is rather inoffensive but if they become regular, it is better to consult. It exists various means to put an end to this illness. Do not try to solve your sexomnia or that of your alone spouse. It is indispensable to speak about it to a specialist. Turn yourselves towards adapted centres as Sleep Centre and as the Vigilance of Hôtel Dieu in Paris, you will make object to a specialized study. Nevertheless various months may pass between contact and consultation itself, then summoning up your patience and above all dialogue with your partner…

Binding hands or consuming sleeping pill, is not very indicated! It is preferable to speak about your worries, about your stress sources and your anxieties and fantasies or desires that you have not dared express until here: it is yet a first step towards problem resolution, while having the opinion of a specialist.

A website with numerous clinics in France will permit you to find help which corresponds to you: – “When we are in couple it is important to not consider sexomnia as a perversion, adds Isabelle Arnulf. It has to sustain his spouse and look for issues with him. For example, hypnosis or acupuncture can put an end, bring relaxation. But it is only a temporary solution because stress is an important factor, sure, but it is only the emerged part of the iceberg".

Be careful, treatments against sleep disorders, as tranquilizers, or against depression as valium accentuate sexomnia risk. The best recourse is to turn you towards a psychologist to help you to put an end to daily worries, to frustrated ideas or to stress.

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Written by Florence GUILLAUME, December 27th 2010.
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