Partner-swapping, a sexual practice more and more spread

Partner-swapping, a sexual experience which needs reflection and carefulness!

Partner-swapping, a sexual practice more and more spread, however partner-swapping must not be considered as an ordinary sexual act. Tempt a partner-swapping experience needs a good and sincere discussion between the two partners. Solidity, confidence and communication within the couple are essential to be able to go in for partner-swapping without endangering one’s couple… Nevertheless, it has not to forget that risk of quarrel, of conflicts, even of separation is always present, despite of all… Carefulness and reflection impose before any partner-swapping experience.

What is partner-swapping, why does one practise it?

Partner-swapping is a sexual practice in which two or various couples exchange their partners temporarily. A couple who decides to direct towards partner-swapping will do it, in the majority of cases, in order to revive sexual desire, to stimulate one's libido, to break routine.

Certain people will do it to try a new experience and open their sexuality, simply. Learning to control a jealousy excess, a possession instinct can equally lead to practise partner-swapping. Others will also see a manner to be honest rather disloyal: partner-swapping rather than adulterous meetings!

Generally, partner-swapping is practised in specialized places – partner-swapping clubs- or at one couple’s home. Nevertheless, it exists more and more places where one can go in for this practice. Those rendez-vous places are in the majority of the time restaurants, bars, saunas or specialized institutes.

Beyond sexual act, partner-swapping remains equally a social activity. In fact, partner-swapping couples begin before everything to meet and to speak whereas they seduce at each other. This step remains necessary to make participants comfortable and so, to make pleasant sexual exchange. Besides, relation goes sometimes far away than sexual relation and a true friendship story is born between the two couples.

Before launching in partner-swapping, it is necessary, even primordial to have a good talking with one’s partner, in order to not transform this experience in fiasco, even a traumatism.

Talk well before testing partner-swapping, a capital step for couple survival

Whatever the desire comes from you or from your partner, it is evident it has to be two to practise partner-swapping – and two willing people! In fact, in no case, it has to force to have a sexual relation with another couple to make pleasure to one’s partner or because that last is too much insistent…

Tempt to convince one's wife or one's husband while you suggest him or her to exchange only a few kisses and caresses with another couple does not result in a good option either. If your partner says no, respect his or her decision. Despite the rise it knows, despite the fact it is more and more ordinary, it has not to forget that partner-swapping consists in a sexual act with another couple! So, you and your partner will see mutually to have sexual relations with another man and another woman. It is not so common…

So it has to talk before, talk a lot, say one’s fantasies, speak about one’s limits, about what one's will authorize, about what we do not make and see during this exchange... in short, establish certain rules. Besides, your couple must be solid and confidence between you and your partner must be irreproachable. Partner-swapping ins not a manner to resolve problems or to reset up an unsound couple.

If after this putting the record straight (absolutely indispensable, do not forget it!) you and your partner are in perfect agreement to tempt the experience, you can launch. Nevertheless, keep always in mind that this activity may really bring a plus to your sexual life and your couple as it can destroy it too. Even if you are both willing and excited to the idea of discovering partner-swapping, it may be that one of yours des not suffer from looking at the other with a new partner. It is a decision which must be carefully reflected.

Partner-swapping: take action!

The ideal, to begin is finally to go to a place where they practise partner-swapping, in order to have a drink, to observe this new environment, to see how the land lies and- if you feel at ease- to go further... If you have already known a friends couple who, them too, desire to try partner-swapping or have already practised it, why does not live your first experiment with them, in the intimacy of your home or of theirs?

it has to know that in general, approach attempts in partner-swapping clubs are very courteous and respectful. If a couple who tempt you more or less accosts you, you are free to say it no, without being afraid to make you annoy or even insult in return. In fact, there is a certain politeness code in partner-swapping middle, a code which can appear surprising for certain who wait for meet perverse and immoral people. At the contrary, respect and courtesy are really gold rules.

When you have found the couple who convenes to you, keep in mind rules fixed by you and your partner and respect them. Go to your own rhythm and do not rush in the simple aim to be liked by the other couple or to pay a surprise to your partner! If something disturbs you, say it and if you realize that it is not for you, stop immediately.

After this first experiment, talk about your impressions with your partner. Do not forget that if communication is important in a couple, it is even more in those moments.

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Written by Florence GUILLAUME, January 7th 2011.
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