Orgasm reaching in woman

How to reach orgasm for a woman

Numerous are women who does not reach orgasm when sexual relations with their partner. For certain, that represents a problem, for others, if love and feelings are well present, anorgasmia (absence of orgasm) is not graver than that. However, for the big majority of men, this situation may become particularly frustrating, because they feel then sexually incompetent… Where is anorgasmia from? How to reach orgasm?

Why have not certain women orgasms with their partner?

orgasm in woman
orgasm in woman
Diverse reasons explain absence of orgasm, in woman when sexual relations. That can come from the fact she does not dare to “release” in front of her partner, creating like that a blockage. Knowing that orgasm provokes a total evasion, an intense laxity, certain women are not able to show like that in front of their partner, under “a new day”.

Others, too much “devoted” only think about her partner pleasure and then forget themselves totally, simulating even moans and orgasm to satisfy the ego of they partner… Impossible to reach the seventh heaven in that case.

Certain women have, concerning them so much the habit to have orgasm masturbating them that it is difficult to reproduce the same gestures, the same cadence, when sexual act. Except masturbating during penetration, they have not very opportunity to get pleasure.

A traumatic experience (violation, sexual abuses during childhood, etc) can be at the origin of anorgasmia too.

A particularly strict education, rigid which will have made considered sex as something insane, even dirty in a child mind, might have, of course, consequences on future sexual life of that last…

Other reasons, as stress, certain medicaments against depression, anxiety or problems within the couple, simply, can be at the origin of anorgasmia.

To have orgasm, it has to make an effort!

woman orgasm
woman orgasm
To reach orgasm, ladies, it has to implicate, to contribute, to take part at the process! Your man, so good he is, cannot make you have an orgasm if you do not put a minimum of enthusiasm, desire, "concentration” etc…

If orgasm takes place “at the bottom” it has to know that also passes too, at the top, in mind! A woman will only think about her cellulite (that Mister does not have to remark during act), about her breast, too much sagging at her taste, too small, too big, too white, too soft, too hard etc ; a woman who will worry more about her brushing and who must not crush in the pillow rather than the cuddle that her and her husband are doing.

In short, a woman who will think more about her eternal complexes instead of concentrate herself on the present moment will not be able to let go, benefit fully of her partner and have an orgasm! The same thing with daily small problems. When one makes love, he makes love : shopping list, invoices to pay and riding breeches will wait for their turn!

Thinking is primordial during sexual relations. They influence considerable the “success” of sexual relation… Fantasies, feelings, state of mind... permit to relax, to put one in context, to excite one and why not at the end, to get pleasure.

Learning to guide her partner in the research of pleasure!

Feminine orgasm
Feminine orgasm
Generally, women who masturbate themselves know what to do to reach orgasm. In that case, it has not to hesitate to guide your partner, to show him how he has to do to make you have orgasm. Are not be afraid to be ill at ease: he will prefer certainly this small course (that you will give with tact, sensuality and subtleness) than a simulation!

Doing a fixation about orgasm does not remain a good idea because that produces rather the inversed effect, delay, even avoid the so waited moment. Relax you.

To have an orgasm from a sexual relation, first of all, it has to like and know one's body, to know what runs! It has to be oneself, to let oneself go, to not have shame of feeling pleasure and to show one's face of big ecstasy moments!

Forget daily problems and concentrate you on your relation and on present moment and on your partner, on yourselves. The aim is not to play pornographic actresses exaggerating moans and cries and grimaces, simulating an orgasm. While one adopts this attitude, one does not serve one’s couple.

Sexual act must be honest and bring pleasure and satisfaction to the two partners, not only to Sir… And with grace, one forgets wet cloth which is waiting in the washing machine !

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Written by Florence GUILLAUME, December 27th 2010.
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