Nintendo 3DS, play in total immersion

Nintendo and its portable console 3DS, dive in your games in depth with Nintendo 3DS !

Nintendo 3DS, play in total immersion, Nintendo and its portable console 3D, dive in your games in depth with Nintendo 3DS!

Nintendo 3DS, a formidable jewel

Nintendo 3DS
Nintendo 3DS
Bluffing! The term impose to anybody who had the chance to touch the future portable Nintendo console, the famous Nintendo 3DS yet. Introducing a true depth in its video fames, without as far as obliging the user to burden of glasses as well unattractive as disagreeable, the Japanese maker marks the occasion, believe the critic!

Besides, you have no choice, because photographs and videos result well unable to make justice to this formidable toy that is Nintendo 3DS, at least on the relief aspect. Because, yes the Nintendo 3D auto-stereoscopic runs! Better: not only it works, but it works on everybody, included on all those eyes have difficulties to perceive depths. More than efficient, the effect of 3DS is stupefying, if nevertheless we hold Nintendo 3DS in the right position and at the right distance of look, that is not very complicated.

Nintendo 3DS, photographs 3D

Nintendo 3DS
Nintendo 3DS
On equipment side, the new Nintendo 3DS is equipped with three integrated photographs objectives, two between them permitting shots in three dimensions: so it is possible to take photographs 3D! Movie buffs are not in rest because Nintendo announced agreements with different American studios which will suggest films in readable relief from Nintendo 3DS! Will 3DS be the first miniature auditoriums 3D? Competition would be able to come where we do not wait for it...

In fact, if Sony leaders make precise that the development of such technology on a portable device did not seem pertinent to them, Sharp has just presented in Japan a smartphone displaying video games and films producing a relief effect without glasses. An already seen seem? The battle promises to be rough… A question remains however, that of visual comfort in duration: does a prolonged use risk to tire our eyes with Nintendo 3DS? Response in spring!

Nintendo 3DS, a portable video game console

Nintendo 3DS
Nintendo 3DS
The Nintendo 3DS is a portable console to come of Nintendo « which is able to produce effects in 3D without needing any special glass », a process call auto-stereoscopy. Foreseen the 26 February 2011, the console will succeed to the series of Nintendo DS, which shares in particular this market with the Portable Sony Playstation. Nintendo 3DS will be compatible with software of the series of Nintendo DS included those of Nintendo DSi. Announcing the console on 23 March 2010, Nintendo officially unveiled to Electronic Entertainment Expo of 2010, on 15 June, inviting participants to test it. According to certain analysts, Nintendo calendar, which had diverted attention of the launching of the new Nintendo DSi XL, was probably destined to avoid leaks in Japanese press. The official date of its launch in Japan was announced by a press conference on 29 September 2010.

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Written by Florence GUILLAUME, January 3rd 2011.
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