Natural solutions to have beautiful muscled buttocks

Buttocks! One of great trumps of women! We all dream of having beautiful muscled and curved buttocks, without cellulite and without too much soft flesh… But for that, it has to make efforts! Of course, sport, physical activity, balanced alimentation belong to those efforts. There is no miracle, it has to work! Beautiful buttocks, it merits it! Here there are a few good habits to adopt to be all the rage on beaches, in your small tight-fitting jeans, your small summer short and your preferred string!

Physical activity, THE best friend of your butt!

Physical activity
Physical activity
What is the simplest from physical activities? Walking of course. It has to walk and walk and walk the more possible! So think of a small instant before carting off in your car, your bus or you underground… Cannot you do this journey on foot? Cannot you go and buy your chopstick or your newspaper on foot? Would not you be able to descend one underground station earlier in order to terminate your journey as you walk? Sure!

Make work your buttocks at each time, when you contract them, simply! Very simple as gesture and you have no excuse to not put in it, because this "effort" does not prevent you to see to your occupations!

Staircase. Almost everywhere now, each staircase is twinned to a lift or to an escalator or both! So we often have the choice between climbing steps, pressing on the small button or letting transport by the stairs in metal, softly, as an old and tired person that we are not yet. Of course, we choose the majority of the time our friend the lift or the escalator – it is so relaxing! Bad habit Ladies (and Gentlemen too besides!) who wish make your buttocks firm and attractive! From now, lift has to be your unique mean to go to the superior floor.

Sport, THE best friend of your butt!

Big sister of walking but also ally of your good mood, of blood circulation, of relaxing… Running make buttocks firm and make its followers very proud too! Even before seeing the first results, you will be proud to pull your trainers in the early morning, whereas day dawns hardly and that everybody or almost is still sleeping... Let them sleep and do not envy them. It is you who will have the most beautiful buttocks at the swimming-pool.

Swimming has to belong to your program too. As running, it is excellent for muscle your buttocks. Not only it tones up buttocks muscles but it equally has a massaging and draining effect. Swimming with palms, you will make work your muscles even stronger. At your bathing suits, so (and swimming caps too, unfortunately…)!

Slide sports (roller, ski, surf, skate, etc) but also dance and skipping rope will help you to reach your aim equally.

No more excuses then. If you are afraid from water, run! If you are afraid from pulling your trainers, swim! There is necessarily an activity which convenes you…

Excessively diet, sugar and beautiful buttocks are not good associates!

Beautiful buttocks
Beautiful buttocks
For sugar, you probably doubted it: it is not the ideal to keep beautiful buttocks! To know which aliments must be refused, there are various factors to take into account, whose glycaemia index (IG). That last measures the carbohydrate capacity to make raise the glycaemia after a meal in relation with a reference standard: glucose. Glucose has for IG 100. More an aliment owns an IG elevated, more it will have trend to transform itself in fat, stocked in our organism, whereas we do not want it! Everything fat must be lowered too, of course. Your body will rather need proteins, if you get sport, in order to fee your muscles.

Another important element that you did not know maybe: diets (yo-yo effect) represent a barrier, an obstacle more to your quest of perfect buttocks. The reason is simple, when you recuperate the weight that you had lost, after a diet, your organism, very prudent, makes reserves for the next diet that it waits for suffering... And where does it make its reserves? Thighs… and buttocks! No diet at repetitions, so!

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Written by Florence GUILLAUME, January 4th 2011.
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