Make love for the first time

First sexual relation: How to make love for the first time?

First sexual relation, make love for the first time, how to make love well, so many questions that numerous teenagers wonder. First sexual relation, often generates anxiety in young girls. Make love for the first time consists for lots of people in being afraid to be hurt, afraid of not being not equal to the task, of undressing totally, etc. To make love under good conditions during the first time, it has to be ready and well choose her partner. Above all: do not precipitate things…

First sexual relation, do not let influence by girls

love for the first time
love for the first time
All the girls, at the age of 15 years, 16 years have already heard erotic testimonies from certain of their girls who have already masturbated their boyfriend, have performed a fellatio or who have straight taken the action. Whatever their story is positive and tempting or at the contrary disappointing, the girl who has not had approaching or sexual relations yet will remember the next thing « she has still done nothing, her ».

Preliminaries, the first sexual relation, must not be made to enter in the lot of « grown-ups », of « cool » and even less to impress one or various boys!

If Sophie wants to have her first sexual relation at 15 years, it is her choice. Maybe she is ready, maybe she has found the good partner and for this great moment or maybe has she mislead but whatever it is, it is her life, her body, her decision. Each one has her rhythm and it does not matter what will say girls. Respecting oneself is more important than looking like her girls or impressing boys.

Make love for the first time is an important step and the girl reaches it when she is ready and when she wants it, simply. For certain, it is at 15 years, for others, it is at 20.

First sexual relation, the first time…

first sexual relation
first sexual relation
chatting and insisting, met in a night at a girl's home, so is not the ideal partner for the first time...

The place is important too. Whatever at one’s home or at the other's home, it will have to ensure that anybody risk to make his appearance in the room! Nothing worse for the first time that Daddy or Mummy who arrives in the fully action. If one feels ready to make love, parents, them, are probably not prepared to accept such a spectacle -even if it is fully natural- and it has to understand them.

When the first sexual relation, defloration may cause pains. That is that anguishes very often young girls. Penetration provokes in fact hymen tearing, a thin membrane which recovers partially vagina orifice. Pain is variable from a person to another but remains, of course, very supportable. The important is that vagina is well-humidified, in order to facilitate penetration and make it less painful. For that, it has to be before everything relaxed and to have the desire to make love with her partner. So preliminaries and softness are indispensable from the young man.

If pain during penetration is too much vive, it has not to hesitate to say it to her partner who shall then show himself softer. Boy must be comprehensive, respectful and must know putting her partner at ease, even if it is the first time for him too.

First sexual relation, a few advices…

make love for the first time
make love for the first time
For the first time, it has not to expect to something torrid. Nobody has reached the seventh heaven since the first sexual relation. The first time is discoveries moment, an initiation in a way. The next times will be better at pleasure level. As times go by, one learn to know one’s body and one knows better and better how to have pleasure, how to direct one’s partner.

It has not to forget to protect oneself. Of course, condom is indispensable to protect from sexually transmissible illnesses but also to avoid the risk of pregnancy if one does not take yet contraceptive pill.

When hymen is tearing, weak bleeding might occur. Nothing for throwing into a panic, it is normal. It occurs to bleed the second time too. Young girls who practise certain sports, as dance or horseriding, feel generally less pains when the first penetration.

What we have to remember: make love for the first time must come from a personal desire and not a challenge thrown down by girls or pressure inflicted by the boyfriend. Being ready and being confidence in her partner, here is the most important. Making love is natural, so not complicate. Useless to worry.

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Written by Florence GUILLAUME, January 6th 2011.
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