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Kawaii, bubble gum colour style: Kawaii, la Kawaii fashion rushes in France!

Kawaii in bubble gum colour, kawaii and its girly pendant and charms, kawaii style blows a Japanese air on European fashion. Kawaii, Kawaii fashion rushes in France...

Kawaii, pretty, adorable

Kawaii fashion
Kawaii fashion
With the success of Japan expo, the gathering of mangas amateurs, which feasted its 10 years in 2009, kawaii fashion rushes in France. Kawaii, what is it? Kawaii is a Japanese adjective which means « pretty », « adorable ». Used in a very wide manner to describe animal or people, the term underlines an inappropriateness, a frivolity or a lack of seriousness.

Kawaii also indicates small and round things, and for that reason, it is rather used to indicate babies. In mangas or cartoons, kawaii personages own big eyes, a small nose and a small mouth. Pink colour, childlike face expressions and accessories collection may perfect personage. Research of this appearance find in a clothing style shifted, childlike, decorated with accessories and winks to childhood and its heroes.

Kawaii: childhood bubble

Kawaii, the childhood bubble
Kawaii, the childhood bubble
Nostalgic for a lost childhood, for those cartoons and marvellous stories, mangas and oneiric universes fans, you will be particularly sensible to kawaii wave! This style characterized by the fact of wearing clothes too small, as conceived for teenagers, wrap in all childhood grisgris: lacework, pink tones, accessories which expose toys or bag ornate with representations of cartoons personages.

Beyond a clothing style at the same time coded and free, the notion shared by kawaii followers reveals a refusal to grow, even to get old. Taxed with youthism by its detractors, this fashion gives leisure of letting go to a few regressive attitudes! We can quote the typical body posture of maniac kawaii: feet turned inside, the one towards the other, with the head weakly lowered, as a timid child.

As children from Neverland in Peter Pan, the passionate kawaii claims important heroes exclusively from manga universe, from cartoon to video game: Hamtaro, Pikachu, Hello Kitty, Pucca... The two biggest makers of products looked for kawaii circle of influence are San X and Sanrio, the maker of Hello Kitty products, emblematic white she-cat whose ribbon turns as well round as the perfect world whose it wants to be the symbol.

Kawaii, a well-kept wardrobe

Kawaii style
Kawaii style
To obey to kawaii codes, adopt this funny rule of three: colours, motives, accessories. You will divert like that austerity of scholar uniform, in an original and personal manner. You will draw in tons very sweetened very candy floss which smell good childhood and tenderness: it is the pink which dominates colours pallet, from the pastel to very vive. Add at your convenience a joy dose, baby blue or sun yellow, with fluorescent or with sequins.

On motives side, the range is wide, hearts, of course, but also, flowers, strawberries or cherries, animals of all sorts (kittens, rabbits, owls) sweets or spots: the main criterion is the round form and its pretty aspect! The appearances types kawaii decline lace underskirts, with superposed and perfectly rushed flounces, corsets (or waistband), fingerless gloves or high socks.

The online shop Mikawaï.com sets the tone a « jap’magical world »! Superposition of matters and clothes pieces are as well characteristic as wacko lolitas: leggings and ball-skirt, lace and oversleeves…

Kawaii, small slightest things which makes the difference

Clothing style
Clothing style
If kawaii style has already seemed overloaded, it has not to hesitate to add accessories. Hairstyles compete with originality and become a very visible standard: slides and fantasy scrunchies, diadems, hats with teddy or cat ears... For jewels, the balance is to find between kitsch in plastic and translucent tinsel of bad taste! Everything which may accessorize is welcome: pins in cascade, key rings, grigri for portable, stickers and decalcomanias

Bags will be at the image of your preferred manga personage. If products around kawaii personages are extremely popular in Japan, kawaii culture is very present in China, in Singapour, in Taiwan or in South Korea. And inspires occidental creators such as Californian« Em & Sprout » and its very girly collection!

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Written by Florence GUILLAUME, January 3rd 2011.
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